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In 1953, the Israeli Knesset enacted the Yad Vashem Law, which determined that among its other missions, the task of Yad Vashem is “to collect, examine and publish testimony of the disaster and the heroism it called forth…”. Indeed, efforts to document the Holocaust had begun long before the passage of the law. From the rise of the Nazis to power in Germany, and throughout World War II, there were those who documented the events as they were taking place, often under the harshest conditions. Immediately after the war, centers for documentation and the collection of testimonies were established in many places around the world, including Munich, Lublin, Paris, Bratislava and other locations. More...

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Yad Vashem at the 35th Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy

July 6th-10th 2015
Yad Vashem at the 35th Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy. July 6th-10th 2015

Upcoming Event

Starting in the first half of 2016, European Holocaust Research Infrastructure will organize at least ten Methodological Seminars, aimed at young scholars or specific audiences such as archivists and reference personnel.
A seminar specifically orientated for those working in Reference Services with Holocaust Documentation will take place at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, March 27-31 2016.  We invite those interested in attending the seminar Reference Services: New Methods of Utilizing Holocaust Documentation and Resources to submit their application.  The Deadline for applications is 1 February 2016.
For more information please refer to the EHRI website at:

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