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Yad Vashem Archive

Send us Documentation From the Holocaust Period

What We Are Seeking

As part of the effort to expand the Yad Vashem collections dealing with the experiences of the Jews during the Holocaust period, we are making concerted efforts to locate, document and collect original material.

Every original item interests us, even the seemingly simplest object. The only limitation is that it be originates from the period before the war, from between the Nazi rise to power and until the liberation, the period immediately after the war (including the DP camps), or the time of legal or illegal immigration to Eretz Israel. In addition, it is very important to us to hear the story behind each item. If necessary, we will accept copies of the original items.

Through these items and the stories accompanying them we will be able to preserve the events of the Holocaust in a tangible way for future generations.


Letters, postcards, personal documents: passports, identity cards, certificates, report cards and other ephemera, diaries, memoirs, poems, compositions, calendars, official correspondence with Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and offices, as well as any document related to the fate of the Jews during the 1930s, the war, or afterwards, extending into the 1950s.


Personal and family photographs, photographs of events during the war, DP camps and aliya to Israel, albums, etc.


Original films documenting events before, during and after the war, recorded testimonies, etc.


Personal effects – clothing, insignia, drawings, books, jewelry, documents, etc., toys and any item used for play or creative activities- items created by children and items made for children.
Family possessions – household utensils, eating utensils, furniture, religious objects, etc.
Community items – Ritual objects, artwork; crafts, insignia and documents.
Any object created or used by Jews in the ghettos, camps, forests, in hiding, etc.
Items found in the home (or sent to you from the home or the community) after liberation.

Works of Art

Drawings and sketches created under Nazi occupation by Jewish and non-Jewish artists.

If you yourself do not have materials, but you know of people who would be willing to contribute items that meet the above criteria to Yad Vashem, please refer them to us or send us their details. Please include the accompanying story, since the story is just as important as the object itself.

To submit documents, photographs, and any other item, please contact:
Gathering the Fragments
Tel: 972-2-6443888
Yad Vashem Archives
POB 3477
Jerusalem 9103401

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