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Hall of Names

The Hall of Names

What are Pages of Testimony

What are pages of testimony Pages of Testimony

 Pages of Testimony are special forms designed by Yad Vashem to restore the personal identity and brief life stories of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices. Since its inception Yad Vashem has worked tirelessly to collect these one-page forms, containing the names, biographical details and, when available, photographs, of each individual victim. Pages of Testimony are submitted by survivors, remaining family members or friends and acquaintances in commemoration of Jews murdered in the Holocaust. The first 800,000 names on Pages of Testimony were collected during the 1950's, with ongoing global outreach efforts to identify the unnamed victims of the Shoah so they will always be remembered. 

To date there are some 2.6 million Pages of Testimony, written in more than twenty languages, stored for perpetuity in the circular repository around the outer edge of the Hall of Names, with space for six million in total. Empty shelves bear witness to the millions of individuals who have yet to be memorialized.

In addition to Pages of Testimony, The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names contains names from varied archival sources, bringing the total number of individual victims registered to 4.5 million. We also urge the public to submit Pages of Testimony for victims registered only through archival listings as these pages often provide additional biographical information and constitute a far more powerful, personalized form of lasting commemoration for the victim.

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