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The International Institute for Holocaust Research

Research Fellowships, Prizes and Support

Two-Week Research Fellowships for PhD Students/Candidates from Aboard 2014

The International Institute for Holocaust Research was established in 1993.  Since its inception the goal of the Institute has been to allow for the steady increase in the scope of worldwide scholarly research on the Holocaust and Holocaust related topics.  The Institute is active in the development and coordination of International research; the planning and undertaking of scholarly projects; the organization of symposia and conferences; the fostering of cooperative projects among research institutions; the support of young scholars who research the Holocaust; and the publishing of analytical studies, conference proceedings, documents and monographs on the Holocaust. 


In its desire to support young scholars, the International Institute for Holocaust Research is offering Summer Research Fellowships for PhD students who are writing a dissertation on some aspect of the Holocaust including its antecedents and aftermath. These fellowships provide the students to travel to Israel in order to conduct research in the Yad Vashem Archives for two weeks, to meet with the professors of the Institute and to converse with Yad Vashem staff and scholars about their research projects. 


The student must be enrolled in a college or university PhD program (outside of Israel) in which a thesis/dissertation will be submitted. (Students holding Israeli citizenship may not apply.) The thesis topic must deal with some aspect of the Holocaust including its antecedents and aftermath.  The topic of the dissertation must have been already approved.        


The candidate is asked to suggest a two-week work period in which to carry out their research at Yad Vashem from 1 June to 31 July 2014.  The exact dates of the fellowship will be jointly agreed upon by the recipient and the Institute.    


The International Institute for Holocaust Research will provide a roundtrip airline ticket to and from Israel and room and board during the fellowship period.  The recipient is required to be in attendance each day (Sunday – Thursday - totaling 10 days of the 12-day fellowship) to conduct research at Yad Vashem.  A recipient may extend one’s stay at his/her own expense and in accordance to visa regulations.


To apply one must submit a completed application form.  The Institute will contact the recommenders directly.  Submissions and application letters must be received by the Institute no later than 20 April 2014.  Late applications will not be accepted. 


It is the sole responsibility of the recipient to acquire, if necessary, the appropriate visa to enter Israel.      

Recipients are responsible for securing their own health insurance.


Two-Week PhD Research Fellowship Application