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About Yad Vashem


Symposium on Holocaust Denial: Paving the Way to Genocide Symposium on Holocaust Denial: Paving the Way to Genocide
Yad Vashem Publications

Since its establishment, one of Yad Vashem’s priorities has been to research the Holocaust and to distribute publications on the subject. The Shoah is a constantly emerging story, where increased knowledge leads to further questions. Despite this extensive work, there remain many aspects of the Holocaust that have not yet been fully examined and investigated by qualified scholars.

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HOLOCAUST RESEARCH is to encourage and support worldwide scholarly research on the Holocaust and related topics. The Institute has paved a new trail in Holocaust research by extending its research beyond the perpetrators’ and bystanders’ records, to include testimonies, documents and recollections of the survivors and those who perished.

The Institute is active in developing and coordinating international RESEARCH; planning and undertaking scholarly projects; organizing symposia, workshops and international conferences; fostering cooperative projects among research institutions; supporting young scholars who research the Holocaust; and publishing analytical studies, conference proceedings, documents and monographs on the Holocaust.

The Yad Vashem PUBLICATIONS DEPARTMENT publishes works of research, memoirs, documents, albums and diaries relating to the Shoah. As the torch of remembrance passes to a new generation, these publications are more important than ever.

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