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Shards of Memory: Narratives of Holocaust Survival

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Reviewed by Dr. Gideon Greif

Shards of Memory: Narratives of Holocaust Survival

Edited by Yehudi Lindeman
Praeger Publishers, 2007
223 pages

Yehudi Lindeman is Professor Emeritus of English at McGill University and director of Living Testimonies, a center for Holocaust research and documentation in Montreal. In 1990, Lindeman contributed to founding the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors. As a child survivor of the Holocaust, he was separated from his family and moved through safe houses in Nazi-occupied Holland by members of the Dutch resistance. In this book the author shares compelling stories collected from years of interviews with those who lived through the Holocaust period. Included are twenty-five testimonies, representing the experiences of women, men, and children, who either survived the death camps or lived in hiding. Testimonies from their rescuers and redeemers are also included.

The fate of European Jewry may be a collective one, but their attempt to survive the disruption of their liberty and life is often best understood through the portrayal of individual struggles. By focusing on individuals, the narratives collected here capture the flow of history in all its precise, subjective, human detail, and this makes Shards of Memory a worthy publication.

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