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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Educational Materials

We are very happy to present the new Gandel Holocaust Studies Program home page that was designed especially for you - the Australian educators.

As part of this redesign we will begin providing you with educational materials. The aim of this is to highlight materials from Yad Vashem's resources. Every few months we will upload new educational materials which focus on a specific topic about Holocaust education, bringing you different educational tools and historical information that you can use in the classroom.

As you learnt during your seminar at Yad Vashem, one of the important elements of the International School for Holocaust Education's educational philosophy is multi-disciplinary teaching. The study of the Holocaust as a human experience extends beyond the boundaries of the historical discipline. The presentation of the Holocaust as a human story mandates that other fields of knowledge which contribute to our understanding of human beings and the human spirit, be incorporated into the learning process. This includes art, literature, philosophy and more. Incorporation of these disciplines allows access to parts of the human psyche that the intellectual examination of historical documents alone does not always facilitate.

In the following months you will find will be able to see interviews, educational materials and Educational Environments on the website. The materials are meant to be useful for you in the classroom; these materials can be used for different age groups - elementary, middle or high school levels.

We hope that these materials will be useful for you.

Please feel free to let us know if there is any subject you would like us to cover in the future!

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Educational Materials