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In the Australian Spotlight: Holocaust Survivor Regina Zielinski

Regina Zielinski Regina Zielinski
(USC Shoah Foundation Institute)

Regina Zielinski was born in Siedliszcze, Poland in 1925. In December 1942, Regina and the rest of her family were deported to the Nazi extermination camp Sobibor. Upon arrival, she along with a few other Jewish young women were taken to a barrack where they unraveled garments and knit them into socks throughout the winter for German soldiers. Her entire family was murdered during the Holocaust.

In October 1943 Regina escaped the camp along with a few hundred prisoners during the Sobibor Uprising. After liberation, she married and in 1949, she immigrated to Sydney.  She later testified in Germany at the proceedings of the post-war trial of an SS guard at Sobibor.

Regina Zielinski’s video testimony, provided courtesy of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute, appears in Echoes and Reflections: A Multimedia Curriculum on the Holocaust.

Regina Zielinski has submitted Pages of Testimony to Yad Vashem about her relatives who were murdered by Nazi Germany and their collaborators.

Learn more by exploring an educational activity focusing on Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony, including pedagogical guidelines, historical background and links to other sources of information.

To learn about the fate of Regina's family during the Holocaust,click on the pages of testimony identified with

Family tree

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