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The International School for Holocaust Studies

The Gandel Holocaust Studies Program for Australian Educators

Feedback from Graduates about Yad Vashem Seminar

January 10 - 22, 2010

“Cannot say enough about this course. Orit [Margaliot, Program Director] has done a fantastic job and made everything work so well and still dealt with all our problems and personalities. Thank you.”

“Fantastic course – outstanding quality of lectures and extremely well organized. Great work. Much thanks to all involved.”

“Words cannot express how wonderful this experience was for me. It exceeded every expectation, such wonderful, passionate, inspirational staff. I am so very thankful to have been given this opportunity and look forward to continuing this work – better informed and have much more to offer my students and school. Thank you very much.”

“This seminar has been an exceptional privilege and has been outstanding for me as a teacher and personally. I will be recommending opportunities to visit Yad Vashem and to Israel to many others.”

“This seminar exceeded not only my expectations but my dreams also. An awesome life changing experience. I made connections that will be professionally and personally ongoing. I feel spiritually and intellectually enriched.”

“Absollutely brilliant. Just outstanding.”

“From start to finish this was a totally professional course. Lectures were truly excellent – lecturers extremely well-chosen. All staff really helpful and friendly. Orit is an outstanding educator and course leader, she is a professional yet very warm and friendly. I enjoyed this course very much and gained a lot from it. Thanks!”

“Some evenings were too busy and not enough time to be able to reflect on what was learned that day but then again the evening classes and activities were great. Could not fault the program or Orit.”

“The whole seminar was fantastic, the quality of leadership and lectures was top class – there were one or two lectures that were perhaps not necessary while others were too short, but for Yad Vashem that is a learning experience too. Well done Yad Vashem.”

“An outstanding educational experience. At times lecture were rushed to finish. More free time at nights would be beneficial, as the days were very long. More time to go through the museum would have been beneficial. Overall, outstanding and moving learning experience.”

“You guys are fantastic and I hope that we can honor the legacy you have left us. I’m really hopeful that the Gandel group in conjunction with the Sydney Jewish Museum and the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Center will through us be able to cement a place for Holocaust education in Australia.”

“This was an outstanding experience on the whole for which I am very grateful. I believe more teachers in Australia should be given this opportunity that have not been to Yad Vashem before. Thank you for this amazing and emotional experience. I feel very privileged to have attended.”

“This has been an extraordinary experience and privilege. Now that that Yad Vashem is familiar, its facilities clear – my heart and mind fully engaged. I would love a week to research and work independently with the resources. It feels necessary to return! This is a beginning to a new path of study and teaching community. That there is more – I am sure.”

“I thought the seminar was excellent and overall met my expectations. The presenters were of such high standard that I felt honored to be here although some days were just too long. Thanks!”

“Overall, it was very professionally rewarding. I learned so much about Jewish history, Israel and the Holocaust. I didn’t think that all the pedagogical sessions were as innovative as I had hoped (but then I teach at a very advanced school). Would have liked more time for research and looking at materials, such as in the visual center. Perhaps a longer seminar with a bit more free time would have been better.”

“This was an incredible 12 days – very jam packed! …I would like to thank everyone, especially Orit, for all of the work to put together such an awesome learning program. I am excited to be going home to work on our project and to make a meaningful contribution to the program with those in my group [together with Avril Alba at the Sydney Jewish Museum]. I feel very inspired and enthusiastic. Thank you once again.”

“I feel incredibly privileged to have been on this course and I want to thank the Gandel family for their incredible generosity and to Yad Vashem for the opportunity to be here. It is truly a life-changing experience. Thank you.”