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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Teaching the Legacy: e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators
(September, 2005)

Videoconferencing Services

In May 2005, a videoconference service was inaugurated at the International School for Holocaust Studies. The direct broadcast will be used as a new tool for teaching the Holocaust internationally.

The service began on May 5, Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, with a videoconference between a school in New Jersey and Yad Vashem teaching staff in Jerusalem. More recently, on June 23, an encounter was held between high school students in Frankfurt, Germany and an Israeli Holocaust survivor at Yad Vashem. After telling his story, the students chatted with him and asked questions, with teachers from the International School moderating the event.

The videoconferencing received considerable coverage in major Israeli and German newspapers. The International School is already busy expanding the uses of this tool - among the options considered are facilitating encounters between Israeli and German students, teacher training, and conducting short lessons on particular aspects of the Holocaust, based on teaching units developed in the School.

If you are interested in conducting such a videoconference for your classroom, please write to Note that there are minimal computer requirements, available upon request from this email.

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