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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Teaching the Legacy: e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators
News from the International Seminars for Educators in the Jewish World Department (July, 2013)

Meeting the needs of Jewish Educators

Building on the successes of previous years, the World Jewry Division of the Teacher Training Department of the International School for Holocaust Studies (ISHS) is increasing worldwide scope, targeting Jewish teachers and teachers who work in Jewish schools from locations across the globe.

Lea Roshkovsky, program manager for the World Jewry department, notes that "Jewish educators around the world face a variety of difficulties in teaching the Holocaust. That's why the concept of having specific seminars for Jewish education is gaining speed: Our seminars fulfill the needs of the Jewish world. For Jewish educators, it becomes mandatory to emphasize the long tradition of Jewish life and Jewish identity. The Holocaust remains a major component in the Jewish story, yet it is not the most important one. Jewish educators therefore face the need to combine the story of Jewish tradition and the story of the Holocaust."

Such is the ongoing challenge faced by Yad Vashem pedagogical experts attempt to address, in creating long-term connections with educators and their institutions, and building partnerships within their communities. Yad Vashem staff act as mentors to graduates and assist them in creating appropriate educational programming.

Summer 2013 will see 4 seminars held for Jewish educators in the new International Seminars Wing of the ISHS, for groups hailing from France, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Canada, with further outreach and activities planned for the start of the academic year. Communities or educators interested in such programming should contact the department.

Seminars for French Educators in the Jewish World Department

Seminars for French Educators in the Jewish World Department

This summer we are delighted to be hosting two groups of teachers that are working in Jewish schools in France.

These two groups have been organized in association with one of our main partners in France the FSJU (Fonds Social Juif Unifié) and as a result of the Head of Jewish School Seminar that we organized last winter.

The first group of French teachers has already successfully finished their 10-day seminar on the 24th July.

The second seminar is the initiative of Mr. Toutiou, head of ORT-MONTREUIL near Paris who has organized a group of 32 teachers, which includes representatives from all 6 ORT schools in France. The seminar will take place between the 28th of July and the 2nd of August.

Both of these seminars focus on the related issues between Holocaust teaching and Jewish Identity, multidisciplinary teaching approaches and the telling of the story of the victims including from the perspective of the religious Jews.

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