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The International School for Holocaust Studies

e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators

Welcome to the 24th issue of Teaching the Legacy. This edition focuses on the fate of children in France during the Holocaust and the people and organizations that tried to hide them and save them. It features an interview with Israel (Zizi) Lichtenstein, himself a hidden child in southern France, and some of the artifacts that survived with him through the war. There is an article on the different organizations that worked to rescue children in France, and some of the heroic people who rescued a Jewish boy during the Holocaust. As always, the newsletter features new publications, book reviews, and updates on recent and upcoming activities at the International School for Holocaust Studies and across Yad Vashem. We hope you find this issue interesting and resourceful, and we look forward to your feedback.

Previous e-Newsletters

Background Article – “From Democracy to Deportation”

“Hidden Children”

What’s New at Yad Vashem

Recommended Books

In this section, we feature some Holocaust-related literature that may be of interest to educators and the general public.

New Publications

New publications from Yad Vashem and the International School for Holocaust Studies.

Saving Children During the Holocaust in France

Interview with Dr. Israel (Zizi) Lichtenstein

Artifacts from the Holocaust

Righteous Among the Nations

Jules & Jeanne Roger & mother Louise Roger, France

What’s New on the International School for Holocaust Studies Website

  • Online Courses with Gmul Credit – We are currently wrapping up the newest of the four online courses with gmul credit for Israeli teachers that we currently offer: At the Edge of the Abyss: Prewar Jewish Life in Europe.” The next course to be offered will be “Commemoration and Remembrance”, which is scheduled to begin October 10, 2011. Registration will begin on September 12, 2011. For more information and to register, click here.
  • Yad Vashem is Urgently Seeking Footage for a new exhibition. If you have color footage, including home movies, that was filmed in Europe or North Africa prior to the Holocaust, please contact +972-2-644-3597 or

What’s New at the International School for Holocaust Studies

  • European Department: Work with Swiss Pre-Service Teachers
    For the first time, a cooperation agreement was signed between Yad Vashem and a Swiss institution to promote Holocaust education.
  • Jewish World Department's International Seminars for Educators
    The Department represented Yad Vashem in Paris, and hosted seminars for educators from Hungary, Holland and the United States.
  • International Seminars in the English Department
    China, Australia, the US and Canada were on the list of countries in which and for which the English Department recently held seminars and workshops.

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