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The International School for Holocaust Studies

e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators

Welcome to the 26th issue of Teaching the Legacy. This edition is part of a newsletter series that will focus on the subject of commemoration and art. This e-newsletter will focus on the visual arts, while the next ones will continue with other art forms such as poetry, films, Holocaust memorials, and so-called “graphic novels” (comics). This e-newsletter includes a main article that covers the subject of Holocaust art created by survivors. Another article which is accompanied by a teacher’s guide decribes the use of interdisciplinary tools and its value in the classroom. A third article discusses the limitations of artistic representations. We have also included an interview with the Holocaust survivor and artist Samuel Willenberg and his wife Ada. As always, the newsletter features new publications, book reviews, and updates on recent and upcoming activities at the International School for Holocaust Studies and across Yad Vashem. We hope you find this issue interesting and resourceful and we look forward to your feedback.

Previous e-Newsletters

Main Article – “Commemoration in the Art of Holocaust Survivors”

Article – “Interdisciplinary Education”

What’s New at Yad Vashem

  • Yad Vashem Posthumously Honors Jerzy Ponczynski, as Righteous Among the Nations from Poland: On Sunday December 11, 2011, Yad Vashem held a ceremony posthumously honoring Jerzy Ponczynski, as Righteous Among the Nations from Poland. His children, from Israel and abroad, accepted the medal and certificate of honor on his behalf. The event took place in the presence of the children of the Righteous and the survivor.
  • Yad Vashem Posthumously Honors Righteous Among the Nations Mother Marie-Veronique from Belgium: ceremony was held at Yad Vashem to posthumously honor Mother Marie-Veronique of Belgium as Righteous Among the Nations. Mother Marie-Veronique, née Philomene Smeers, served as Mother Superior of the Sacred Heart of Mary convent in La Hulpe, Belgium from 1929 until 1951.
  • "Gathering the Fragments," a national campaign being held across Israel to rescue personal Items from the Holocaust period, that began in April 2011, continues unabated. In some 35 collections days held since the project's inception, about 2,000 people have donated over 33,000 items to Yad Vashem, including 93 diaries, 245 works of art, 759 personal artifacts, 6,565 letters and 13,220 photographs. The campaign is conducted by Yad Vashem in partnership with the National Heritage Project at the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Senior Citizens Affair. Some of the items, along with the moving stories that accompany them, have been uploaded to a special online exhibition.
  • Yad Vashem's quarterly magazine is now available online. Included is a special item about personal letters donated to Yad Vashem as part of the "Gathering the Fragments Campaign," a look at the new Visual Center's Online Film Database, a salute to Yad Vashem's American Society at 30 years, news from the International School, conferences and special visits.

Recommended Books

In this section, we feature some Holocaust-related literature that may be of interest to educators and the general public.

Art As Commemoration

Article – “Are There Any Boundaries of Artistic Representations of the Holocaust?”

Article and Lesson Plan – "Keeping the Memory Alive": International Poster Competition 2012

An Interview with Samuel and Ada Willenberg

Artifacts from the Holocaust

Righteous Among the Nations

Varian Fry and Waitstill and Martha Sharp

What’s New at the International School for Holocaust Studies

New Publications

New publications from Yad Vashem and the International School for Holocaust Studies.

The e-Newsletter

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