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Selected Feedback from Summer 2015 Seminars

Seminar for Cypriot Teachers:

Seminar for Cypriot Teachers

“Everything was perfect. Beyond my expectations. I will certainly use the materials and the philosophy of Yad Vashem in my classroom. Thanks a lot for everything. First of all, I would like to say many thanks for the organization of this seminar. We gain new information, not only historical but also pedagogical. Yad Vashem is a study center that everyone has to visit. The lectures were informative and very useful to us, as teachers we have been provided with a lot of ideas that we can implement in educational actions."

"The seminar was really fruitful. It helped me think of teaching approaches I didn’t use before. Since my arrival here, I wasn’t aware of Yad Vashem. Everything here works perfectly. Speakers were kind and willing to answer all of our questions. I was very impressed by the museum and by the exhibitions. I would like to thank you for your hospitality.”

“This has been a life-changing experience for me and I feel a huge sense of gratitude. The seminar itself was extremely well-organized and thorough. The subject was tackled and covered from every aspect and from every angle. The lectures and workshops were of the highest quality. They were all clearly and beautifully presented, extremely well organized and thorough. I feel honored to have been taught by some of the greatest scholars and experts on the subject. I am also very happy with how many ideas and proposals I have been offered on the subject of teacher the Holocaust and dealing with it as a teacher with students of different ages and backgrounds. I would have liked some more interactions with the scholars and lecturers, perhaps on a slightly less formal level. More time for questions and for discussions. I wanted to develop the start of a working relation and to build on-going communication with the staff. I want this seminar to be the start of an on-going cooperation and friendship and not to end the day we leave Yad Vashem. The hospitality has been second to none. I am humbled by how well I was treated and how much I have been offered. I am deeply thankful and I hope to get a chance to return some of this hospitality in the future."

Seminar for Greek Teachers:

Seminar for Greek Teachers

“A well-structured program which takes you progressively through the horrors that humans can inflict to other humans. It gave us good insights not only into the historical context but also into the educational approaches that can be used in the classroom across all levels of education. The visit to the museum and to the memorials was both informative and emotionally unsettling. I was forced to think why and how people managed to unmake their human entity perpetrators and how the victims were able to gain back their robbed identities. The survivor’s testimony was a real lesson into life, for life. What I also appreciated throughout the course was the fact that the emphasis of the program was laid upon aspects of life of the Jews before, during and after the Holocaust without forcing participants to judge but to think how it was humanly possible so as to educate us with regard to “how is humanly possible to avoid another Holocaust.” Thank you for granting us the opportunity to reflect on various aspects of the Shoah.”

“It was a well-organized seminar with very interesting lectures, which included a variety of subjects and topics that enabled students to have a full, comprehensive approach of the Holocaust. The hospitality was very good (hotel, food and transportation). In the end, I have to thank you for providing us with educational material.”

“My experience in your seminar has been an unforgettable experience. It gave me the opportunity to feel more confident in teaching about the Shoah. The educational approach that Yad Vashem suggests, focusing both on the pre-war life and post-Holocaust period, made me realize that teaching about the Holocaust could now be seen not just as a martyrdom but as a victory of life. The museum experience that I had was really touching and strong. The educators were very supportive and the educational material is very useful.”

“I feel grateful to Yad Vashem because of the seminar. I found the seminar to be interesting and well organized. I liked that every day included various activities such as presentations, workshops, tours, testimonies, lectures and more. I was very impressed by Masada and it was very interesting. I learned how to provide students with a set of tools to deal on the topic and also feel equipped with the age-appropriate approach source materials. I improved my knowledge about the Holocaust and how to encourage my students to position themselves. Thank you!”

Seminar for Macedonian Educators:

Seminar for Macedonian Educators

“Useful seminar. Definitely a great experience for us. Thanks a lot!”

“Having this lovely experience made me change the teaching approach on the Holocaust in a more detailed way, having to pass on what happened and never to repeat in the future! The accommodation was great as well as the whole organization of the seminar.”

“Everything was wonderful. Thank you very much!”

“It was an excellent seminar. I liked being a part of it. A lot of new knowledge for me, so many facts, stories from survivors. You are so dedicated."

Seminar for Scottish and Irish Educators:

Seminar for Scottish and Irish Educators

“Before attending this seminar, my family and friends thought that I would come home traumatized. That is not the case at all. The professionalism and empathy of all of the speakers coupled with an excellent methodology allowed for a clear exploration of a very difficult subject. All in all, the seminar provided a wealth of materials to use in both the classroom and in personal research. The tours, Shabbat experience and free time allowed us to enjoy the trip and discover more about Jerusalem. For myself, this trip has been a brilliant experience, the lessons from which I can pass down to future generations. I wish all the best to Yad Vashem in the future and that it continues to provide excellent experiences and lessons such as those that I received here.”

“This week has been so insightful and engaging. It has been thought provoking and somewhat emotional too. I feel very equipped to go forward with teaching about the Holocaust to young people with a fresh and more established perspective. There have been many moments that have given me new ideas for lesson plans and teaching opportunities.”

“I am so thankful for my time here at Yad Vashem. The lectures and lecturers have been so interesting and informative – I feel that I have learned so much throughout my time here. Before I came, I had a limited knowledge of the topics that were going to be discussed, but after being part of the lectures I feel more equipped and informed. This is thanks to the compassionate and knowledgeable lecturers – thank you! I wish I could be here longer, but I know I will almost certainly be back again.”

Seminar for Lithuanian Teachers:

Seminar for Lithuanian Teachers

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everybody who was responsible for this seminar in Israel. The information we gained, the images we saw will remain in our memories and encourage us to maintain our interest in the history, culture, and traditions of Israel. This course has had a great value for me not only as a teacher and class tutor, but also as a person. The knowledge gained and the impressions experienced will help me to make my lessons, different activities more interesting and attractive for young people. I am going to share my experience with the school community and friends. Thank you very much."

"The information gained at the seminar encouraged me to create a new curriculum of civic education for 9-10 grades. It will be possible to adapt use the information and methodology on Holocaust education, to convey interesting facts, and in a relevant way to explain historical events, and encourage students’ interest in some historical research. The seminar inspired the need for thoughtful and sensitive discussions with students and colleagues on this painful topic, providing some appropriate examples and guidelines. This seminar was not only interesting and useful, but also greatly significant for me as a person."

Seminar for British Educators:

Seminar for British Educators

“A fantastic combination of sessions and speakers. The seminar has been a fantastic experience, one that I know is going to have a huge impact on my teaching, not only towards my own classes but also those of my colleagues. To have the opportunity to work with fellow teachers, academics and others has enabled me to generate a better understanding of the Holocaust and how best to teach the Holocaust to students."

“In a teaching environment at work where many topics are looked at in a piecemeal way and joined up-ness is often lacking, the seminar has allowed us (well, me really!) to build step by step and join up the pieces of my existing knowledge and add layers and depth as we have gone through the seminar. I have love it and loved the learning and the learned. At time I have looked around the room and been stunned by the depth and wealth of knowledge there are among such lovely people. It has been joyous that we have all got along with each other and worked well together."

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from leading experts on a topic close to my heart. I found it deeply effective on a personal level and highly motivational on a professional level. I believe I have a moral responsibility to pass these lessons on. The course aside, I have found Israel to be an even more fascinating country than I ever envisaged."

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