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Follow Up Seminar for Graduates of ICHEIC January 2010 Seminar held in Rimini, Italy, December 2010

Seminar in Rimini, Italy 2010

Graduates of the Yad Vashem ICHEIC Seminar met in Rimini, Italy, for the third ICHEIC follow-up Day Seminar to be held since 2008. The fifteen participants, all graduates of the January 2010 seminar, congregated at the Artis Hotel on December 5th 2010. The day's events were coordinated and organized by Ms. Rita Chiappini, the Yad Vashem employee in Italy, and the International School for Holocaust Studies.

The seminar opened with a few words from Ms. Chiappini and from Yiftach Meiri, the head of the Italian desk in the European Department of the International School for Holocaust Studies, on the importance of teaching the Shoah.

The first part of the day was dedicated mainly to perspectives of the seminar held almost a year ago in Yad Vashem. The graduates were asked in advance to think about how the seminar has influenced their methods of teaching about the Shoah, how they viewed the seminar in retrospect, how and if they had implemented the materials and ideas they received from the training at Yad Vashem.

Seminar in Rimini, Italy 2010

The teachers spoke about various aspects: one teacher mentioned she now uses the book “I Wanted to Fly like a Butterfly” that is on the Yad Vashem website in Italian. Teachers spoke about a number of projects they are involved in, including a project where pupils researched the history of one Jewish family in Faenza through documents. Another teacher mentioned she now uses the material given to her by the Shoah survivor Susanna Cassuto, whom the group met in Yad Vashem. Some teachers mentioned that their pupils took interest in the photos they took in the seminar and generally in the fact they visited Yad Vashem and Israel.

Other teachers noted that they now use more visual materials when teaching about the Shoah and teach about Jews and Jewish life before the Shoah.

Sussanah Raweh

After this session, the group met Ms. Sussanah Raweh who shared her personal testimony. Ms. Raweh spends some of her time in Italy and some of her time in Israel. After the lunch break Mr. Yiftach Meiri lectured about the topic of the Allies’ reaction to the Shoah. Afterwards Ms. Laura Fontana from the Rimini Community presented on the topic of “Sport and Human Rights: The 1936 Berlin Olympic Games”.

Ms. Rita Chiappini closed the Day Seminar by mentioning the approaching International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27.

This program was generously supported by the Adelson Family Foundation

Adelson Family Foundation

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