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Yad Vashem Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Eichmann Trial

Eichmann's Trial in Jerusalem

Preparing for Trial

Chairman of Yad Vashem Dr. A. Kobobie with members of Police Bureau 06, 1960 Police Investigator Superintendent Michael Goldman, Bureau 06, 1961 Eichmann in prison’s yard, 1960 Eichmann in his prison’s cell, 1960 Eichmann preparing for trial in his prison cell, 1960 Eichmann in his prison cell, 1960 Eichmann preparing for trial in his prison cell, 1960 Eichmann’s notes taken in prison as preparation for his trial, 1960

The first session of the District Court on criminal case 40/61 was held on April 11, 1961, at Jerusalem's "Bet Ha'am." The trial terminated on December 15, 1961 with the reading of the verdict, whereby Eichmann found guilty on most of the articles of the indictment, was sentenced to death. The commencement of the trial was preceded by long months of punctilious preparation. The Israeli police set up a special unit, "Bureau 06," for the purpose of assembling the relevant documents; selecting witnesses and preparing them for their testimony; setting out the prosecution line; and discussing various legal issues. 1,600 documents were selected, most of them bearing Eichmann's signature.  Likewise, a list of 108 survivor witnesses was prepared, as well as another of expert witnesses - historians and other scholars.

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Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany works to secure compensation and restitution for survivors of the Holocaust.

Since 1951, the Claims Conference - working in partnership with the State of Israel - has negotiated for and distributed payments from Germany, Austria, other governments, and certain industry; recovered unclaimed German Jewish property; and funded programs to assist the neediest Jewish victims of Nazism.