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Yad Vashem Gathering the Fragments - A National Campaign to Rescue Personal Items from the Holocaust Period

Gathering the Fragments

A National Campaign to Rescue Personal Items from the Holocaust Period

At home, many of us have important items that tell the story of those who were important to us – people, families and communities. Over time the documents, objects and photographs decay and are liable to get lost.

We turn to you – Holocaust survivors, family members and the general public – with an appeal to take part in this rescue campaign. Search your house for every document, photograph or object from the years before the war, during the Holocaust, from life in the DP camps and the immediate post-war period, and submit them to Yad Vashem for posterity.

Items submitted together with the stories behind them have an important role in the commemoration of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust and in preserving their memory for future generations:

  • Memoirs
  • Testimonies
  • Names
  • Film and video footage
  • Art works
  • Letters
  • Documents
  • Artifacts
  • Diaries
  • Photographs

At Yad Vashem we will conserve and catalogue the materials and make them accessible to enable researchers, curators, educators, students and the wider public to learn, through them, what happened to the Jews before, during and after the Holocaust.

For more information contact:
1-800-25-77-77 (within Israel)
+972-2-6443888 (outside Israel)
Email: collect@yadvashem.org.il

Collection days will be held throughout Israel in the coming months:

28.4.14 - Yad HaTisha community center, 14 Revivim Street, Herzliya

29.4.14 - Israel Electric Corporation, Anilevich House, 56 Anilevich Street, 6th floor, Tel Aviv

30.4.14 - Nof Hamoshava, 6 Pinsker Street, Petah Tikvah

17.6.14 - Shalom House, Shir Street, Tel Aviv

23.6.14 - Kibbutz Matsuba

30.6.14 - Beit Lehiyot - The Center for Holocaust Awareness, HaGilad Street, Holon

Collection days will be held from 9:00am till 3:00pm unless otherwise indicated.

Further Collection Days in Israel will be announced here soon. Please check back with us!