"Their Fate Will Be My Fate Too.."

Teachers Who Rescued Jews During the Holocaust

During the Holocaust most people abandoned their Jewish neighbors, turned a blind eye or even participated in the persecution of the Jews. Among them were teachers, who watched as their students were marked, harassed, discriminated against and finally murdered. Only some felt that it was their duty not only to educate and instill values in the classroom, but to live by those ideals, even at the risk of their lives.

  • Joseph Migneret

    Joseph Migneret


    The French school principal who rescued students in his school

  • Suzanne Spaak

    Elisabeth Abegg


    The German teacher who was dismissed because she wouldn’t abandon her students

  • Aleksander Kramarovskiy

    Aleksander Kramarovskiy


    The Russian mathematics teacher who saved his student

  • Benjamin Blankenstein

    Benjamin Blankenstein

    The Netherlands

    The Dutch village teacher who hid a Jewish family and paid with his life

  • Gerda Valentiner

    Gerda Valentiner


    The Danish teacher who participated in the rescue of the Jews of Denmark to Sweden

  • Nuro Hoxha

    Nuro Hoxha


    The Albanian Muslim teacher who saved a Jewish family

  • Vladimir Chernovol

    Vladimir Chernovol


    The Ukrainian village teacher who saved a Jewish man

  • Sister Gertruda Stanisława Marciniak

    Sister Gertruda Stanisława Marciniak


    The Polish nun who hid Jews in her orphanage

  • Jelena Glavaški

    Jelena Glavaški


    The Serbian kindergarten teacher who saved a former student

  • Johan (Joop) Westerweel

    Johan (Joop) Westerweel


    The Dutch teacher who established a rescue network and paid with his life

  • Amato Billour

    Amato Billour


    The Italian English teacher who hid a Jewish boy in his home

  • Andrée Geulen

    Andrée Geulen


    The Belgian teacher who became the rescuer of hundreds of children

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