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Yad Vashem "To Build and To Be Built". The Contribution of Holocaust Survivors to the State of Israel


Zwi Bacharach Aharon Barak Hanna Bar Yesha Ruth Bondy Esther Eisen Mordechai (Motke) Eldar Sophie Engelsman Ehud Loeb
Israel Gutman Israel Meir Lau Kalman Perk Haim Roet Yehuda Szternfeld
"From the ashes of the Holocaust the nation arose, ingathered from a hundred countries, and flowed along timeless routes to the ancient homeland."Chaim Herzog

The struggle of the survivors to come to Israel, to rebuild their lives, and become active partners in the most important communal endeavor of the Jewish people in the 20th century, is a wondrous achievement that knows no equal in human history.

Here are some of their stories.