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The Holocaust

Marking 70 Years to Operation Barbarossa

Operation Barbarossa - Holocaust Survivors Remember

Nelli [Nelly] Tsypina

Nelli [Nelly] Tsypina Nelli [Nelly] Tsypina
Video  Watch Nelli [Nelly] Tsypina's Testimony

Nelli [Nelly] Tsypina was born in Dnepropetrovsk in 1932.

In October 1941, together with his grandfather and aunt and thousands of other Jews, Nelli was taken to Krasnopovstancheskaya Balka, a site selected for the murder of local Jews. There she fell into the murder pit but succeeded in climbing out.

She spent the remainder of the war under an assumed identity in Dnepropetrovsk with a family that adopted her.

She was reunited with her parents after the war.

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