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The Holocaust

The Holocaust Resource Center

Excerpts from Research Studies

International research on the Holocaust is a fascinating subject in and of itself. Researchers generally recognize the exceptional nature and magnitude of the Holocaust, and appreciate its tremendous significance. This is probably why serious scholars do not claim to have a one-faceted explanation of the Holocaust, or attempt to provide a single sweeping analysis. Rather, Holocaust researchers have been, and still are, engaged in stormy and fascinating debates on this unique phenomenon. These were never limited only to the academia, but have evoked growing public interest and involvement. Over the years, the questions discussed have become more diverse, the areas of research have been expanded, and interpretative theories have been refined.

Here you can review articles and excerpts from research studies on a wide range of subjects in various disciplines. The excerpts below will help you delve into various issues in Holocaust history and will familiarize you with the various explanations that researchers have suggested. Since its founding, Yad Vashem has been committed to conducting research and publishing it. The International Institute for Holocaust Studies has operated at Yad Vashem for years, and an annual collection entitled Yad Vashem Studies has been published since the 1950s. We present here the more accessible of these studies. If you are interested in a basic and brief explanation of various aspects of the Holocaust, consult the Lexicon as well.

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