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The Holocaust

The Holocaust Resource Center

The Allies During the War

During the Holocaust, the Allies - headed by Great Britain, the USSR , and the United States - were chiefly preoccupied with the strategic developments of the war. Throughout 1940 and 1941, the British waged the war alone against the Nazis. From the summer of 1941, the USSR was subjected to an existential threat by the Nazis, when millions of its citizens - Jewish and non-Jewish - were murdered. Even when reports concerning the murder of the Jews started to surface, the response tended to assume that the problem would be solved with the ultimate defeat of Nazi Germany. In practice, no military initiatives were taken to prevent or delay the extermination. However, diplomatic initiatives chiefly by the United States and pressure exerted on Germany's satellite states or allies, such as Romania and Hungary , did delay and even prevented the annihilation of many Jews.

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