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The Museum Complex

The Holocaust History Museum


Yad Vashem gratefully acknowledges the generous support of its partners in establishing the new Museum Complex:
The Government of Israel
The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
The American Society for Yad Vashem

The New Holocaust History Museum
Elizabeth & Joseph Wilf  Family, USA: Museum Building
Judith & Harry Wilf  Family, USA: Museum Building
Dame Vivien Duffield, Clore Israel Foundation: Chapter A “I Still See Their Eyes – The Vanished Jewish World”
Braman Family Foundation, USA: Chapter B “From Equals to Outcasts – Nazi Germany and the Jews”
Josef & Zofia Landau & Family, Venezuela: Chapter C “The Awful Beginning – WWII and the Beginning of the Destruction of Jewish Life in Poland”
Viatcheslav Moshe & Elena Kantor & Family, Israel: Chapter D “Between Walls and Fences – The Ghettos”
Arie, Jacqueline, Michelle & Natalie Becker, Mexico: Chapter E “Mass Murder – The Final Solution Begins”
Maxi Mordechai Librati, France: Chapter F “The Final Solution and Jewish Uprising in the Midst of Destruction”
Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah, France: Chapter G “Resistance and Rescue”
The Archie Sherman Charitable Trust, UK: Chapter H “The Last Jews – The Concentration Camp Universe and the Death Marches”
The Wolfson Family Charitable Trust, UK: Chapter I “Return to Life – The Story of Sheerit Hapleita”
David & Malka Bashe Gorodzinsky, Mexico: Chapter J “Facing the Loss”
Dr. Max & Gianna Glassman, Canada: Chapter K “World Rebuilt”
The Crown Family, USA: Museum Benefactors
Franz Karl Hess, Switzerland: Museum Benefactor
Szulem (Sol) & Gloria Silberzweig & Family, USA: Museum Benefactors

Hall of Names
The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin De Rothschild Foundation, Israel

Museum of Holocaust Art
Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson, USA

Marilyn & Barry Rubenstein & Family, USA

Exhibitions Pavilion
Rochelle & Henryk Schwarz, USA Tina & Steven Schwarz, USA

Visual Center
Steven Spielberg, USA Righteous Persons Foundation, USA  Daniella & Daniel Steinmetz, Israel

Learning Center
Stella & Sam Skura, USA

Square of Remembrance; Park of Hope
Raquel & Edmundo Safdié & Family, Brazil

The Heroes’ Promenade
The Gandel Family, Australia

Avenue of the Righteous Among The Nations
Eva & Arie Halpern, USA Gladys & Sam Halpern, USA

Warsaw Ghetto Square
Phyllis & William Mack Family, USA David & Ruth, Ira & Mindy Mitzner & Families, USA

Gale & Ira Drukier, USA
Estate of Joseph Goldberg, USA
Selma Gruder Horowitz & Family, USA
Celina & Marvin Zborowski, USA

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