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Annual Report 2008


Over the past 55 years, Yad Vashem has transformed Holocaust Remembrance
into a universal human undertaking. From our inception, we reached out to all the
citizens of the world to aid in our mission to document the events of the Holocaust and
commemorate its victims.

Today, Yad Vashem’s global reach encompasses commemorative events, customized
educational seminars, Internet access, traveling exhibitions and a wealth of publications
and research studies. We remain dedicated to enhancing Holocaust Remembrance,
Education, Documentation and Research around the world: to informing every nation
about the Shoah and its universal implications, in order to pave the way towards a
better, more tolerant future for the generations to come.

Yad Vashem seeks to inform but it also inspires… What I was taught about the Holocaust was significant but more importantly, I learned more about humanity

Zane Zalis, Canadian Educator

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