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Annual Report 2012


Yad Vashem, on the Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem, is the world's acclaimed center of Holocaust education, remembrance, research and documentation. Its state-of-the-art museums, world-class research and education centers and unrivaled archives and libraries provide an unparalleled place of intergenerational learning and reflection. For over six decades, Yad Vashem has been meeting the challenges of each new generation by integrating technological innovations into traditional methods of learning in order to reach an ever growing global audience interested in learning about the Shoah and grappling with its implications. Dedicated to passing on the legacy of the survivors and perpetuating the memory of the men, women and children who were murdered, Yad Vashem continues to develop and expand its pedagogical tools, scholarly resources, and innovative methods for meaningful commemoration in the years ahead. 

"Yad Vashem touched something within me... Here we were reunited and reconnected with our lost brothers and sisters, to be reminded that the actions of one can change the world – for better or worse." Nicole Jackson, Australian High School student


  • Editor-in-Chief: Iris Rosenberg
  • Editor: Susan Weisberg
  • Language Editor: Leah Goldstein
  • Assisted by: Nomi Kessler-Feinstein
  • Design and Production: Einat Berlin, Limor Davidovich
  • Photography: Yossi Ben-David, Isaac Harari
  • Printing: ArtPlus Green Printing, Jerusalem, April 2012

Annual Report - PDF

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