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Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day 2012

My Brother's Keeper: Jewish Solidarity During the Holocaust

Warsaw Ghetto in Early 1941
Bucharest, Romania, The distribution of potatoes for Passover
Preparing to pass out clothing for the needy from the main warehouse of the ZSS at 13 Leszno St.
Bucharest, Romania, 1942-1944, Children who have received clothes from self-help organizations
Children washing before a meal in the communal kitchen that was under the auspices of the welfare organization, Centos, on 29 Panksa St.
Pieszyce, Poland, The teacher, Erna with several kindergarten children in the "Janusz Korczak" children's home
	Warsaw, Poland, A woman serving food to children in a public children on 11 Karmelicka Street
Warsaw, Poland, Children registering to receive food supplements
Warsaw, Poland, Distribution of food to the Jews of the ghetto
Bucharest, Romania, feeding babies in a shelter of the Organization for Mother and Child Protection, 1943
Otwock, Poland, People queueing for food outside a public kitchen
Bucharest, Rumania, People lining up for food for Passover
Warsaw, Poland, A man serving soup in a public kitchen on 11 Zamenhofa St.

My Brother's Keeper

Jewish Solidarity During the Holocaust

Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day 2012

Snapshots of Memory

Marking Yom Hashoah at Yad Vashem

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