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The Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Project

Community Outreach Guide


Shoah Victims' Names Recovery staff at Next Generation Conference Shoah Victims' Names Recovery staff at Next Generation Conference

Your campaign outreach can center around one or more events, providing assistance to homebound survivors and others in submitting names, or both.

Potential submitters: Survivors and others
To locate and recruit survivors and others who can bear witness for Holocaust victims:

1. Hold an event. Use the campaign announcement to announce a planned event in a community center or synagogue, or issue a call for volunteers and survivors or others during an existing event or communal gathering. Have Survivor Registration and Volunteer Registration forms on hand for people to fill out so you can follow up later.

2. Seek partnerships with: Jewish assisted-living and nursing homes or day care centers, naturally occurring retirement communities (NORC's), survivor and second-generation groups, Jewish genealogical societies, Holocaust resource centers, memorials or commemoration organizations. Check the online directory of the Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) to see if there is a Holocaust Center, memorial or museum in your area.

Network with friends and family who may know survivors and other potential testifiers in the community.

3. Do your own outreach. Approach Holocaust survivors within your community (e.g. a neighbor, at a senior citizen center/home for the elderly) and explain the rationale of the project, using the "Project Talking Points". Ask if they are willing to share information about family members or others they know of who were killed in the Holocaust and memorialize them by filling out Pages of Testimony.

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