The story as it was remembered by Elchanan Pinto

When Elchanan Pinto told his family how he survived the Holocaust in the Netherlands, he also mentioned what he knew about the fate of his relatives, Icek, his wife Rozalia and their little daughter, all of whom perished.

As the deportations of the Jews to the east began, the Pintos became most concerned, especially with the safety of their little child. One day, while she was shopping, Rozalia accidentally met a non-Jewish childhood friend. This friend was alarmed by Rozalia’s worried expression. When asked, Rozalia poured out her heart to her friend and shared her concerns with her. What she didn’t know was that her friend’s husband was active in the underground, and that following their meeting, her friend had asked her husband to arrange for the hiding of the little child. A few days after the accidental meeting, this friend found Rozalia in the same shop and passed a note to her with instructions where she should bring her daughter. For several days the Pinto’s agonized over the decision to part from their child, and finally decided to put her in the hands of the resistance.

Elchanan Pinto never learned the identity of the family that hid Loesje. After the war the family found out that Icek, Rozalia and Loesje perished. He told the story, as he knew it, and after his death his niece decided to write a book about his life. One small chapter was dedicated to the story of Loesje and her parents.