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Group Visits

Group visits (6 or more indviduals) to the Holocaust History Museum must coordinate their visit in advance. Guided tours may be ordered for a fee.

Reservation for a group visit by the general public- via the Reservations Center
Reservation for a visit by an educational group - via the International School for Holocaust Studies

Reservations Center

Tel: 972-2-6443802 / 972-2-6443562
Fax: 972-2-6443803
Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority
Har Hazikaron
P.O.B. 3477, Jerusalem 9103401

Enter the Online Reservation System or download a Group Visit Reservation Form

Reservation process
All groups wishing to visit the Holocaust History Museum must submit a group reservation through the Online Reservation System or download a Group Visit Reservation Form – manually completed forms should be faxed to the Reservations Center, no later than two weeks prior to the planned date of the visit.

Reservation of the visit is based on available space in the Museum and a confirmation letter will be sent to the group.
The confirmation letter must be presented on the day of the visit at the "group desk" in the Visitors' Center.

Educational Groups

Reservations for educational groups
Youth from Israel - Tel: 02-6443633
Youth from outside of Israel - 02-6443629
Fax: 02-6443634

For details and more information for the following groups:

  1. Schools and other institutions of formal education - Guiding Department (Tel. 02-6443633)
  2. Youth movements - Guiding Department (Tel. 02-6443633)
  3. Israeli Teachers (in any framework) - Teacher Training Department (Tel. 02-6443647)
  4. Educators from outside of Israel - Department for Continuing Education for Foreign Teachers (Tel. 02-6443639)
  5. Youth groups visiting Israel within an educational framework, including Birthright, groups associated with the Jewish Agency, the Israel Experience, and others - Guiding Department (Tel. 02-6443633)
  6. Soldiers and officers in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) - Guiding Department (02-6443611)

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