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The International School for Holocaust Studies

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Yad Vashem's Online Courses utilize materials from our extensive archives and resources, and the latest in Holocaust research and pedagogy. They provide a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge on the subject, with the flexibility offered by online study. The entire course is conducted online, including submission of assignments, grading, and evaluation. Each course includes 12-13 lessons (except where noted; Gmul courses for Israeli teachers all run to 13 lessons), with appropriate reading material and assignments. Participants submit a brief assignment for each lesson.

Registration for all courses is open at any time (with the exception of gmul courses, which run one at a time). Once approved onto the course system, participation remains open for a period of 6 months, after which grading and certification eligibility expires. We recommend reading the material and submitting the assignments at a rate of one lesson or more every two weeks. For additional details see our FAQ page. To receive updates on new courses on offer, join our e-Newsletter for Educators mailing list.

Registration fee is $100 per course, except where noted (Israeli teachers, see specific rates for gmul courses below). Returning students are eligible for a 20% discount when purchasing their second course, and a 25% discount when purchasing their third, and any additional, courses. Those purchasing five or more of our courses at once receive the 25% discount on all the course registration fees. Gmul courses are not eligible for discounts; however, the registration fee for Irgun Hamorim members are partially subsidized, see below (when applicable) and FAQ page for further details.

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